Friday, July 24, 2009

A berry nice day for a ride

I've been wanting to pick some blueberries for a few weeks, but haven't been able to get out. After making pancakes this morning for me and Mariah WITHOUT blueberries, I made it a point to get some today.

We thought that it would be pretty fun to hop on our bikes and ride out of town to the blueberry fields and pick some. I grabbed a couple of small Rubbermaid containers and put them in my rack bag. I also grabbed my Vortex and we headed out for a short (leisurely) ride. The fields were only about 2.85 miles away and we talked to the owner. He showed us some good rows to pick and told us about the different varieties he had available. Since we were on bikes, we only wanted a small amount and had 2-pounds in short order. We paid our whopping $2.25, loaded up and headed to Bryant Park. There we relaxed in the shade, played with the Vortex and watched some playing disc golf. Bryant Park is one of the nicest parks in Albany. Great places for a picnic. I showed Mariah where we were last night for the River Rhythms concert (just across the Calapooia River). After playing at the park, we headed towards home to enjoy a frosty Otter Pop.

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Miss-happypants said...

Sounds like a nice time. I would rather pick strawberries than blueberries though. Although, you're right, they are very yummy in pancakes and muffins. i just don't enjoy them by themselves.